Islamic Center of Puget Sound

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ICOPS Masjid New Proposed Expansion Project

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About Us

The Islamic Center of Puget Sound is a non-Profit (501) c3 tax exempt and religions organization registered in WA state. Our Masjid accommodates 5 times daily prayers, maktab, sunday schools, janaza, nikkah, and all fundamental Islamic events and ceremonies

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ICOPS is fueled by community support and donation.


Fundraiser Goal and Plans

This is an effort and an opportunity in the path of Allah, so your Dua and kindness is the most important donation and support. In order to help us achieve our financial goals.

We understand the financial situation may be different for each of us especially in the current pandemic and economic conditions. Every dua and dollar counts, so if you cannot donate, please support us with duas and if possible with smaller amounts (May Allah reward you in multiples).

You may also pool in with your friends or use employer matching to get amount. We kindly request you to spread the word and encourage at least two more people in your circle to support this effort by either donating or spreading the word, please donate generously and earn rewards in multiples.

Every dollar spent here will be used to the masjid to establish the House of Allah and Allah has promised us in the Quran that he will reward us in multiples both in this world and in the Akhirat.

May Allah bless you to join hands and establish this masjid and many more masajids and reward you with forgiveness and with a beautiful house in the highest ranks of Jannah”

Please support the Masjid by making the pledge to donate at