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Please help us pay off the $1.5M remaining loan for our Masjid
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About Us

The Islamic Center of Puget Sound is a non-Profit (501) c3 tax exempt and religions organization registered in WA state. Our Masjid accommodates 5 times daily prayers, maktab, sunday schools, janaza, nikkah, and all fundamental Islamic events and ceremonies 

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ICOPS is fueled by community support and donation. We need your help to pay off nearly $2M remaining loan for our masjid.

Prayer & Iqama Times

Please note that 2nd Jummah prayer is at 2:05pm as of 5/7/21 and not at 12:45pm as shown above. First Jummah is at 1:30pm and Second is at 2:05pm

Islamic Center of Puget Sound 
27th Ramadan Fundraiser 
Sat May 8th 5-7pm

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ICOPS Ramadan Schedule
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السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَ رَحْمَةُ الله وَ بَرَكَاتُه

Board Announcement 25/03/21

First Friday khutba will be at 1:20 pm 
Second one will be at 2:05 pm

This message from ICOPS Board is  hereby informing the community, that starting from this Friday, March 26th, that Ladies are welcome to attend the second (2nd) Jumah Sallah that starts from 2:05PM.

Again sisters are allowed to attend 2nd JUMAH not the 1st JUMAH

Please carefully follow these instructions when you come to the masjid:

1. Co-operate with the volunteers who assist us in the parking lot. Kindly adhere to their instructions.

2. We provide paper sheets and face-masks. But please bring your own and help masjid reduce its operating costs.

3. Always wear your masks while you are in public.

4. Always maintain the social distancing while praying, leaving and at all times.

5. Avoid shaking hands and hugging.

Let us observe discipline and make our visit to the masjid a pleasant one.

Jazaak Allah Khairan.

ICOPS BOARD/MASJID COMMITTEE is committed to, with the help of ALLAH (SWT), keeping everyone safe and keep our Masjid Covid free, In Shaa Allah.

In this quest, we ask for the communities collaboration and commitment to cooperate in implementing these rules. We ask for Allah (SWT) help and guidance. May Allah Azawajal help and protect us all in these trying times. Ameen.

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Maktab & Weekend Qur’an Reading 
Virtual Live FB / YouTube Stream
Student Recitation - An Evening of Qur’an Inspiration!

Please join us by visiting the given live stream links

Be Part of the Ever lasting charity!

Please join us to participate in building a house of Allah SWT


To whom it may concern

Asalamu Alaikum....  The Islamic Center of Puget Sound (ICOPS) is seeking to raise $2 million by 12/2021 for our Masjid located at 15709 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087. 

ICOPS was created in 2012 from the benevolent support of our community members. Since then we have been serving our diverse communities in the Puget Sound, including cities like Edmonds, Marysville, Everett, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Bothell, Snohomish, and Lake Stevens. 

Over the years, we have raised thousands of dollars from generous donors like you. These funds have been used to support our programs and developments including:

•The leasing of a temporary prayer location on Lincoln Way/Mukilteo 
• The creation of the ICOPS Dara for our kids to learn Islam and the Holy Quran 
• The fundraising events to support the Masjid and Iftar during Ramadan 
• The monthly rent for the Lease-to-Own property at our new current location 
• The permits, building materials, and other costs of renovation for the current location. 
• The ongoing miscellaneous monthly expenses 

The board has been continuously making monthly payments to fulfill the Lease-to-Own agreement, but the lease agreement will expire in less than two years. If we fail to pay this amount by the time the agreement expires, the ICOPS Community risk losing both the property and the improvements to the land. 

Please support the Masjid by making the pledge to donate at

About the Islamic Center of Puget Sound

Ariel Image of ICOPS

ICOPS Masjid at glance

After we outgrew the capacity of the rental facility in 2016, Alhamdulillah, Allah with His mercy, helped us secure a 4 year lease-to-own property located in 2018 for $2.8 million, which has an outstanding payment of $2 million due by Dec 2021. 

Masjid doors

We are seeking donations from generous community members to help pay-off the remaining amount by the due date, so we can focus on providing outstanding services to the community. We can secure this property, if we get 400 people or groups donating $5k by December 2021. We humbly request you to make dua to Allah, make a donation (every dollar counts) and help bring two or more people in your circle to donate for this cause. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to secure your share in the purchase of the masjid property.

Masjid inside picture

“May Allah reward you in multiples and bless you and family with a beautiful house in the highest ranks in the Jannah, Ameen”


Masjid at a glance

1. Masjid accommodates ~450 people with 100+ parking spots, and serves ~400 families from Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Everret, Bothell, Mill Creek and Edmonds. 
2. Facilities for community events such as Nikah and Aqiqah. 
3. Weekday Makthab program enlightening ~40 students with Hifz, Tajweed, Hadith, Aqeedah, Akhlaq, basic Arabic reading and writing, along with school homework support. 

children reading the quran

4. Weekend classes (on Saturday, Sunday and a Wednesday review) for 55 students which covers the Quran, Hadith and basic Arabic reading and writing. 
5. Free quran reading and memorization for Adults 21 years and older. 
6. Provide Janazah prayer facility and are working on setting up Ghusl (Body Washing) in the near future. 
7. Prayer and Iftar facilities for travellers close to major freeways (Highway 99, I5 and I405). 



Insha Allah, your donations will go a long way in setting up programs that will support, guide and inspire the muslim community especially the kids and the youth. And as many of us ponder about the future of our kids growing up without a solid Islamic education, this will pave the way to earn continuous rewards for investing in the future generation and setting a solid foundation for their success in this world and in the akhira. Insha Allah, we are planning to add these programs in the near future. 


8. Educational Nursery Day Care for the community to provide part-time pre-kindergarten and preschool activities for kids below the age of 5.
9. Mentoring services for the youths especially at risk youths as a way of keeping them off the streets.
10. Janaza Ghusl (Body washing) facility. We have identified the building and will start working on the permits after we secure the property.


11. Playground and a Basketball Court for the community’s use. 
12. Monthly Wellness Clinics run the community open to all communities and ethnicity, in collaboration with community volunteer doctors and nurses and in partnership with other NGOs.
13. Youth activities such as annual camping and hiking with scholars. 


14. Coding and Computer lessons for youth and adults. 
15. In-person English as a second language classes for newcomers of all diverse groups in partnership with other NGOs. 
16. Computer literacy classes focused on elders. Expand outreach and community services like feeding the homeless, adopt-a-highway, open houses, interfaith dialogues 
17. Expand outreach and community services like feeding the homeless, adopt-a-highway, open houses, interfaith dialogues etc.  

Financial Summary


Property Cost: $2.8 million

4 year lease-own-contract from 2018 to 2022.


Construction Cost

ICOPS spent ~$700k for permits and masjid construction in 2019


Monthly Payment

Masjid pays $100k per year (a part of this-~35% will be credited back towards the purchase price)


Bottom line

ICOPS has already raised ~$800k so far and needs ~$2 million to pay off the property by Dec 2021.


With your support, we can pay off the $2M balance and secure this masjid

“May Allah reward you in multiples and bless you and family with a beautiful house in the highest ranks in the Jannah, Ameen”



ICOPS Masjid Timeline

Here is a brief overview of the masjid history and timeline

In 2012

Non-Profit approved

ICOPS was formed as a non-profit organization to establish a masjid and educational institute in Lynnwood.

In 2011

Facility Rental

We started operations in a rented facility in Mukilteo.

In 2016

Community Growth

We outgrew the rental facility due the space and parking spot restrictions

In 2018

Deal on new facility

ICOPS entered into a lease-to-own contract for the purchase of 1.8 acre property at a value of $2.8 million with zero interest. Alhamdulillah, we started the construction work for the masjid in Apr 2018.

In 2019

Permits & Construction

We consumed much of 2019 due to county, state and city certification requirements. Alhadulillah, we got the approval and permit on 12/23/19 and we prayed our first Jumu’a in the new masjid on 12/27/2019.

In 2020

Fundraising commences

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have scheduled various online and virtual fundraisers with support from imams and boards from the neighboring masjids such as Masjid Umar Al Farooq, ICOE, ICOR, Masjid Madeena, MAPS, Bilal Masid and ICOB.

In 2021

Target deadlines

Target date to pay-off the masjid and convert the lease-to-own contract by Dec 2021.

February of 2022

Drop dead, deadline

The lease-to-own contract expires and the owner has the choice to either terminate or renew the contract.


Fundraiser Goal and Plans

This is an effort and an opportunity in the path of Allah, so your Dua and kindness is the most important donation and support. In order to help us achieve our financial goals and to pay-off the property, we recommend a donation of $5,000 from 400 community members, family or group before Dec 2021. 

You may pay it as 15 monthly deductions ($333 per month) from Oct 2020 to Dec 2021. We understand the financial situation may be different for each of us especially in the current pandemic and economic conditions. Every dua and dollar counts, so if you cannot donate $5k, please support us with duas and if possible with smaller amounts (May Allah reward you in multiples). 

You may also pool in with your friends or use employer matching to get to $5,000 or a smaller amount. We kindly request you to spread the word and encourage at least two more people in your circle to support this effort by either donating or spreading the word. And those who are blessed with the ability to donate more than $5,000, please donate generously and earn rewards in multiples. 

Every dollar spent here will be used to buy the property to establish the House of Allah and Allah has promised us in the Quran that he will reward us in multiples both in this world and in the Akhirat. 

“May Allah bless you to join hands and establish this masjid and many more masajids and reward you with forgiveness and with a beautiful house in the highest ranks of Jannah” 

Please support the Masjid by making the pledge to donate at


September 28th, 2020

Join the WhatsApp LIVE Annoucements 

If you wish to receive LIVE and instant announcement messages, please join the Masjid WhatsApp group by clicking here with the WhatsappApp.

September 17th, 2020

2nd Jummah Announcement

As Salam alaikum. This message is from ICOPS board, to inform the community that ICOPS will be conducting two Salahs starting this Friday Sep. 18th The first Sallah will start at 1:15pm and the congregation must leave by 1:40 pm in time for the second Sallah at 1:45pm. People are expected to leave immediately after the taslim and pray sunnah at home. When the capacity is reached, no one will be allowed to enter the building.No exceptions.

March 1st, 2020

Masjid Fundraiser Announcement

The Board would like to express its deep appreciation to everyone for the out pouring support in helping us meet our Ramadan goal given the current circumstances. We are all in this together and the ICOPS Board is committed in seeing this Masjid paid off Insha Allah in the nearest future. May Allah SWT reward everyone who donated and grant them more goodness, Ameen.


Welcome to Islamic Center of Pudget Sound (ICOPS)

Islamic Center of Puget Sound (ICOPS) Masjid is a 501(c3) Non-profit and registered with the State of Washington. The Masjid is centrally located in Lynnwood, Washington State serving Muslims in nearby Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Everett, Snohomish and Marysville. The Masjid is currently under renovation and permitting with Snohomish County, Alderwood Water District, and WASHDOT. Masjid address is 15709 Hwy 99 Lynnwood, WA 98037.

The Center serves a diverse Muslim community from every works of life, providing religious, educational, Interfaith and many other community services and extracurricular activities.

Prayer & Iqama Times

Please note that 2nd Jummah prayer is at 2:05pm as of 5/7/21 and not at 12:45pm as shown above. First Jummah is at 1:30pm and Second is at 2:05pm


Support us to build a Masjid and a School

"And the mosques are for Allah Alone, so invoke not anyone along with Allah"(72:18).